Back Specialist using the McTimoney Chiropractic Technique

The McTimoney technique aligns and balances the animal’s musculoskeletal system. By manipulating any misaligned joints throughout the whole body,with special attention to the spine and pelvis, it helps both to restore and maintain health, soundness and performance…

Due to increasing success and demand for this non-invasive treatment, more areas are now covered including Birmingham, Gloucestershire, Shropshire and Warwickshire.

McTimoney for Horses

Whatever the age of your animal, whatever your chosen life style, activity or sport with your animal, you can improve the comfort, well being, general health, quality of life, and even performance of your animal with the aid of McTimoney treatment.

McTimoney for Dogs

All dogs can benefit from McTimoney treatment whether your dog is a pet or is harder working for shows, agility, trials, racing or flyball. Regular tailored sports therapy is one of the best ways to keep your dog working at his best.

Dedicated Aftercare

Aftercare may also include a detailed exercise/rehabilitation plan which may incorporate stretches and particular schooling exercises. In order to maximise the effects of the treatment it is important the aftercare advice is followed.

  • My horse was very unhappy when mounting and she would bolt off. I had one McTimoney treatment and there has been a massive improvement. I am now having regular McTimoney treatments on her and she is continuing to improve, Thank you!

  • My horse was unhappy cantering down hill when we were jumping, he would buck and refuse to jump, after one treatment he is happy to canter down hill and jump and he can also pick up right canter lead first time! Thank you!

  • After my dog falling down a cliff she had veterinary treatment but I felt she needed some extra help as she kept limping intermittently, holding her leg  and was not weight bearing evenly on her right hind leg. After two McTimoney treatments she is weight bearing evenly and she never limps or holds her leg up!