The McTimoney Technique was originally developed by John McTimoney in the 1950’s, whereby he resolved neck and back pain in humans and so developed his manipulation techniques for use primarily on horses and dogs, but in theory any animal could benefit from a McTimoney treatment.

McTimoney realigns and balances the musculoskeletal structure. This is achieved by manipulation of misaligned joints in the body, focusing on the spine and pelvis. Nerves exit through the joints along the spine and travel to the associated muscles and organs. If there is any disruption in the nerve flow due to a misalignment then the muscles and organs will be unable to work at their optimum level, therefore a McTimoney treatment treats the whole body respectively and can improve our animals overall health.

The treatment is performed with the use of my hands, applying a specific direct thrust to the misaligned joint and specific bony landmark of the skeletal structure. The McTimoney technique is a non-invasive treatment with no need for drugs and is readily accepted and enjoyed by most animals.