Horses can also suffer from neck and back pain due to the increasing demands we as humans put on them for our pleasure.

It is up to us as horse owners to recognise changes in our horses behaviour as these signs may indicate a musculseletal problem, which is causing your horse discomfort and the only way he can communicate with us is by altering his behaviour. So called ‘naughty’ horses usually behave in this way for a reason!

These are a few signs to look for:

  • Bucking

  • Rearing

  • Napping

  • Refusing to jump

  • Preference to one canter lead

  • Disunited when cantering

  • Unlevel gait

  • Decrease in performance

  • Change in behaviour

  • Unhappy when being groomed, kicking and biting, pawing the ground

  • Unhappy when being tacked up, kicking, biting, pawing the ground

  • Cold backed

  • Lack of top line

  • Not willing to move forwards

  • Resting one hind leg more than the other

  • Unwilling to stand square

  • Carrying tail to one side

  • Tilting head to one side when ridden

  • Leaning on one rein

  • Muscle asymmetry

  • Toe dragging

  • Tripping

  • Uneven shoe wear

  • Unable to roll from one side to the other

  • Saddle rubbing

Possible causes leading to back pain:

  • Fall

  • Slip

  • Poorly fitting tack

  • Getting cast

  • Sharp teeth

  • Conformation

  • Injury compensations

  • Work load and type of work

  • Unbalanced rider

When we ask our horses to do repetitive movements this can cause micro trauma to the body, which can be just as harmful as a direct trauma or accident. Initially the body compensates for this micro trauma, but when the body is unable to compensate any more, pain and muscle spasm will result. By recognising these common causes of back pain we can prevent its occurrence.

The treatment for a horse takes approximately 60 – 90mins @ £50.00 *

McTimoney chiropractic treatments and laser therapy @ £60.00 *

Report written up @ £10.00

* If your horse is unable to be treated for any reason a minimum of £20 will be charged.

* Veterinary consent is required before any horse has a McTimoney treatment.

* Prices may vary depending on distance.