The Treatment:

Veterinary consent is required before any treatments legally allowed to be carried out on any animal, Veterinary Act. 1966. This is because vets are the primary carers for our animals and it is in our best interest that our animals are suitable for a McTimoney treatment.

The Treatment Involves:

  • A record card, detailing the horses/dogs history

  • Static Assessment of the animals conformation

  • Dynamic Assessment of the animals movement

  • Palpation of the animals musculoskeletal system to assess misalignments and muscle condition

  • McTimoney treatment is combined with Merisha massage where necessary

Aftercare Advice:

The aftercare advice is tailored to each individual animal depending on lifestyle, misalignments found and occupation. In general you will be required to:

  • Reduced exercise for approximately one week (important to note if you have a competition)
  • The animal may be more lethargic/stiffer/invigorated/increased movement this is due to the body rebalancing itself

  • Drink more water

  • All of these reactions are completely normal and it is the body reacting to its new alignment.

The treatment for a horse takes approximately 60 – 90mins @ £50.00
The treatment for a dog takes approximately 30 – 60mins @ £35.00