” We look after up to 35 horses on the farm, ranging from Shetlands to over 17hh. The main of these are livery horses ( used mainly by their owners for hacking and some are also competed)

I have 4 horses, Edward 16’2 ID X, 9 yo, bought in 2015 to be a masters horse for me as I am joining the Mastership of the Worcestershire Hunt.

Molly, 15’2 Irish mare, 12 yo, very highly strung, she is my second hunter, super hardy, would go on 3 legs if she had to! Fern, a 15’3 home bred mare, 7 yo, with serious attitude, she underwent Kissing Spine surgery 18 months ago and is fully functional again, hunted this last season and continuing her training with some riding club activities through the summer with Carla. Joe, 15hh true Irish Supercob, bought by me after hunting him 2 years ago in Ireland as a 5 yo. Carla hunted him hard this season and he is doing riding club and some BE 90 through the summer. He is there as a back up hunter for me with a view to continue his training so he will be suitable for my daughter in 5 years or so.

All 4 horses are seen regularly by Jenna ( as a minimum once every 3/4 months, often more frequently if required during hunting) Jenna knows all 4 horses well by personality as well as physically and always picks up on changes apparent to her in either when she visits. She listens very well to my feedback and descriptions of how each horse is currently performing and then does a thorough examination and treatment according to her findings. I often get Jenna to check for saddle fit too, as although I know myself, sometimes she will pick up something different which may need attention.

All 4 horses accept Jenna’s treatment happily and trust her, even the highly strung one. She always leaves a riding plan for the following days according to what she has done and usually certain stretches individual to each horse to help stretch out where they are particularly tight.

I trust Jenna implicitly with my horses and find her extremely professional. The horses work very hard in the winter often working for 6 hours once or even twice a week if they are out hunting. Jenna’s visits are vital to keep all 4 supple and sound and able cope with their workload, I would hate to have to find someone to take her place as we have built a strong working relationship over the last 4/5 years. ”

Eve Wood
Radnall Farm and Stables

Radnall Farm

” My horse was very unhappy when mounting and she would bolt off. I had one McTimoney treatment and there has been a massive improvement. she is now having regular McTimoney treatments and is continuing to improve, Thank you! ”
Kim and Millie

” After my dog falling down a cliff she had veterinary treatment but I felt she needed some extra help as she kept limping intermittently, holding her leg  and was not weight bearing evenly on her right hind leg. After two McTimoney treatments she is weight bearing evenly and she never limps or holds her leg up! ”
Liz and Cloudy

” My horse was unhappy cantering down hill when we were jumping, he would buck and refuse to jump, after one treatment he is happy to canter down hill and jump and he can also pick up right canter lead first time! Thank you! ”

” My dog had an operation 4 years ago on his right cruciate ligament as it had ruptured, unfortunately his other cruciate ligament also ruptured 6 weeks ago. I had a McTimoney treatment to help relieve the tension in his back and neck as he was compensating for being unable to use the leg. Two people I know commented on how much better he was walking after one treatment and he is certainly a lot happier. I will continue to have McTimoney treatments to make sure he is as comfortable as possible! Many Thanks! ”
Kate and Jake

” My Arab gelding was unwilling to go forwards and his quarters would continually go right and his head would go left, after one treatment there was a significant improvement. I have since had a second treatment on him and he is again much straighter and more forwards. I am delighted with the results after such a short space of time and will continue to have regular treatments, Thank you! ”
Sarah and Kash