As you can imagine, a lot of back problems in horses are due to ill fitting saddles. The damage an ill fitting saddle can have on a horse is very significant and something which I see far to often, which is why I am also an agent for Heather Moffetts saddles.

When we ride our horses we require them to work over their back to allow engagement of their hind quarters, thus allowing more weight to be carried on their hind legs, their forelegs can then move more freely and self carriage is established! However,if you have a saddle which is causing pressure points on the horses back, their normal reaction is to move away from this pressure and hollow their back therefore the correct way of going will never be established!

For more information on Heather Moffetts saddles please follow this link:

I have the Vogue Dressage and GPT and the Dressage FlexEE which I can bring over for you to try!

Call out charge is £45 *

* Prices may vary depending on distance.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me about the saddles and if you are slightly out of my area I am happy to travel further, however the call out charge may be slightly more!